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 Coked baffle,

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Coked baffle, Empty
PostSubject: Coked baffle,   Coked baffle, EmptySat Oct 21 2017, 21:37

I"v had  a running issue lately on the rd400,  i  tried every thing,  ,kept going off one cylinder , popping backfiring,, then on to one,  . plug was black,, ,  i swapped all components, on spark side, [ fuel too .]  then when the baffle was removed, it fired up on two, Rolling Eyes
i cleaned the baffle, [ blow lamp,]  , and id still dosn"t like that baffle in ,, , its old,  so i"v cut it in half,   and shes running now,  
i will get a set from NORBO, in the winter,  thot i"d share,  , it was hair pulling  for  awhile,
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Alan H

Alan H

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Coked baffle, Empty
PostSubject: Re: Coked baffle,   Coked baffle, EmptySun Oct 22 2017, 09:57

It's obviously trying to commit mitsuicide. Fit Suzuki baffles and you will be making a start towards nirvana. (Then a full Suzi exhaust, engine, frame, and finally all the rest). You know it makes sense.
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Coked baffle,
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