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 The Lads ZXR400

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The Lads ZXR400  Empty
PostSubject: The Lads ZXR400    The Lads ZXR400  EmptyFri Oct 20 2017, 13:38

My youngest lad bought a '93 ZXR400 a couple of months ago. The idea is to sort it out and do the Cadwell Classic Bike day next year.

He doesn't have a bike license so the idea is to get an ACU license. I believe they are accepted.

Started by stripping the bodywork off and stripping the brakes but don't have any photos handy to show anyone yet

Just thought I'd be the first to post in here really Very Happy
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The Lads ZXR400  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Lads ZXR400    The Lads ZXR400  EmptyFri Oct 20 2017, 20:59

Pretty sure an ACU licence is acceptable at any track except Anglesey where they don't seem worried about any type of licence at all
So anyway even though it isn't the same forum I think that it is fair to say the same rules apply - no pictures - never happened so come on pull your finger out lad
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The Lads ZXR400
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