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 Rules of the house.

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Rules of the house. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the house.   Rules of the house. EmptyThu Oct 12 2017, 21:57

Our rules are simple:-

No Porn, Racism, Sexism, Ageism or any other ism's please. Insulting or degrading behaviour, especially towards other members, will not be tolerated.

Remember that other people have different opinions to your own, if you have an issue with anyone, either sort it out like Gentlemen. Bring it to the attention of the Mods, or go outside. Please don't do it in here.

You MUST enter a location in your Profile, we don't need a house number, just a general area will do, it saves a lot of misunderstanding. New accounts without that basic information, will simply not be activated.

And please read the Rules of Forumotion , the Site Hosts.. Their rules especially, apply here.

The Admins and Mods are here to maintain a fair and friendly Forum, they do this in their own time and for free, so they don't need none of your sh*t man.


The Sales area will only be available to long term and active members.

Please don't post the same thread in two places, the least relevant one will simply disappear along with any replies.

Please respect these few rules, we expect that members are grown up enough to self moderate for the most part...
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Rules of the house.
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